The State of Urban Manufacturing

The State of Urban Manufacturing in Portland 

Prosper Portland, Portland State University, and a variety of stakeholders and partners from around the Portland metropolitan area are teaming up with Urban Manufacturing Alliance (UMA), a national non-profit that works to strengthen our manufacturing sector across the country. Together, we are collaborating on a study called The State of Urban Manufacturing that will offer a detailed look at Portland’s policies and organizations that support makers and manufacturers.

Manufacturing is, and will remain, the cornerstone of Portland’s economy.  It has a higher multiplier impact on our economy than any other sector; and it provides good paying jobs for working families. Our work starts with your business and your story. You can help by filling out our survey. The more information you can provide, the better we can advocate for you and all you contribute to the local economy.

We need your help to understand what it’s like to be a manufacturer in Portland, manufacturing’s importance to the city, and how policymakers can support your work. We know that manufacturing is a key part of our city's economy and we need your help making the case for the value of the sector. We hope the data from your responses will pave the way for greater investments in:

  • Technical training and apprenticeship programs
  • Real estate to support manufacturers of all sizes
  • Business assistance geared towards manufacturers
  • Local branding to help you demonstrate that your product was made in Portland

The data might also help policymakers adjust zoning, business incentives, and training programs so that they support the everyday realities of your business.

Still have questions? Or want to get move involved in what we’re doing? Contact any of UMA’s Portland Research Partners. For more information about the Urban Manufacturing Alliance, please visit